Many agricultural machines have engines powered by diesel fuel. Application of LPG/CNG injection in these engines allows for significant reduction of operating costs.
LPG/CNG is almost twice as cheap as diesel fuel. Diesel engine with LPG installation is powered by two types of fuel at the same time. Such a solution generates double benefits – not only does it significantly reduce fuel costs, but also extends the operation of the engine. Increased range is particularly important in the case of agricultural machinery, which after conversion of the engine is able to do more work after one refueling. Additionally, for the convenience of using such a system, we offer easy-to-store gas cylinders for agriculture, which can be conveniently stored on your farm. With a STAG Diesel for Agriculture system, your machines will always be ready to work.


  • LPG/CNG for agriculture is a potentially large savings, increased power and convenience of use.
    The injection of LPG into the combustion chamber generates large savings on fuel costs and at the same time significantly increases power output. These factors are extremely important in the use of agricultural machinery, designed for hard work.
    The system of handy, exchangeable cylinders allows for quick and easy replacement of the LPG/CNG tank, without the need of troublesome journey to the petrol station.


  • Standard LPG/CNG refueling can be very inconvenient during fieldwork season.

    STAG DIESEL offers a convenient solution to this problem, namely convenient 11 kg cylinders. This solution allows you, for example, to take along a supply of fuel and “top up” your machine on the spot, without having to stop work. This solution is the most effective and therefore recommended by STAG DIESEL installers.

    The best way to supply the farm with gas cylinders is to sign an agreement with the distributor and take a rack with cylinders as a deposit. Usually contracts are signed for unlimited period of time with 2-3 months notice period. This solution allows you to have a stock of cylinders to use, convenient settlement (e.g. on the basis of an invoice) and negotiation of prices.


  • Farmers are encouraged by STAG DIESEL installers to widely use 11 kg LPG cylinders which can be installed lying down. This solution is safe and convenient.

    The 11 kg cylinder lying down differs significantly from the traditional, stationary gas cylinder. In the case of a horizontal cylinder, the pipe collecting gas in its liquid state is elongated and directed downwards, which is the so-called siphon. Such construction allows for more precise emptying of gas from the cylinder. Thanks to this the working time on one cylinder increases. In case of using regular, standing cylinder, cylinder would be emptied only to the half – to the level of cylinder’s valve.

    Cylinders which are lying down have special markings which side of the cylinder must be facing upwards during operation. Therefore, when changing the cylinder, it should be carefully mounted in the holder. The most common in our market are steel cylinders, which usually weigh 11 kg. The other one weighs LPG, inside the cylinder. This means that we have about 22 liters of gas at our disposal, and a filled cylinder weighs about 22 kg. Their advantage is price, durability, resistance to mechanical damage, but they are heavy.

    If the cylinders are mounted high, e.g. on the fenders, you can use lighter cylinders made of aluminum or composites. Aluminum cylinders weigh about 7 kg with comparable strength to gas cylinders. They are hard to distinguish from steel cylinders on the outside. Even lighter are composite cylinders, whose weight is limited to just over 6 kg. In addition, some cylinders, thanks to their partially transparent design, allow you to check how full the cylinder is. Some of distributors offer cylinders, which thanks to their construction can hold more gas, even 36% or even 15 kg.

    As a result, while keeping similar weight of full cylinder, working time of machine is increased and frequency of cylinder replacement is reduced. One of the elements of safe use of siphon cylinders is correctly chosen and installed cylinder bed.

    There are two types of mounting used on the market which differ in the way cylinders are fixed: by a pulling belt or by a steel cover locked with a catch. Both solutions are equally secure but a rack with a steel cover acting as a protective lid seems to be more practical. Such holders may be available individually or in larger packages.

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